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High five cadets
High five cadets

No other Country Fire Service brigade in the Yorke Valley group (central YP) has a cadet firefighter, but Weetulta/Nalyappa has five.  Thomas Polgreen, 15; Nick Colliver, 14; Amy Nankivell, 14; Matt Cadd, 13; and Jessica Cadd, 11, train once a month at the station, between Moonta and Maitland. The youths have put their brigade in good stead for the future, especially considering the average age of CFS volunteers is almost 50. For their efforts in training, each will be allowed to join as a firefighter when they turn 16. Gen­erally, non-cadets must be 18 to join the CFS. Cadets can join at age 11.
Weetulta/Nalyappa CFS cadets Jessica Cadd, Amy Nankivell, Matt Cadd, Nick Colliver and Thomas Polgreen
at Weetulta/Nalyappa station
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